client profile: Three friends and community leaders joined together to create Soulo Sport, an active wear business centered around developing innovative, eco-friendly products that are as unique and inspiring as the active individuals who use them. The original Soulo Sport offering featured Velocity, a trendy waterproof watch launched in 2009.  The Velocity watch and planned future products are designed for active teens and young adults who enjoy sports like surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, each created with the individual “soul” in mind.

the challenge: Bringing a new product design without existing brand awareness to market and developing a plan to encourage consumer and organizational sales.

the plan: Collins + Company created an integrated marketing/branding campaign to launch Soulo Sport as a new product. The integrated marketing campaign began with market research, naming and brand identity development, packaging design, website, print advertising, direct mail, interactive advertising, tradeshow booth and sales materials. 

the result: The integrated marketing/branding campaign successfully launched the Soulo Sport brand and propelled sales of the original Velocity watch product.  The brand has enjoyed sales growth attributed to participation at trade show events, distributor network andinternational buyer groups.