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We Listen. We Get Involved. We Deliver.

The funny thing with a lot of big ad agencies is, well, they can be just too big. Too many chiefs. Too many departments. Too much overhead. Too many chances to focus on just a few clients. And more likely than not, well, just too expensive. We could go on, but what’s the point?

We’ve been a part of the big agencies and aren’t there for a reason. Collectively, we have a vision for a different kind of agency. We’re big agency talent and thinking, combined with the personal service that you would expect from boutique firm. Our collection of experience and nimble structure ensures a true client/agency relationship that delivers where it should – strategic thinking, award-winning creative, and overall success and return on investment.

Above all, we listen. We learn. We research. We suggest. We are proactive with solutions. We anticipate client needs – one thing that comes from really knowing your clients, their business and their customers. We go over and above to provide exceptional service – whether you ask or not. When it boils down to it, we believe that people really matter and knowing and respecting the people you’re doing business with is critical to a true partnership.

Bottom line – we know it’s great to work with a seasoned and talented creative team who turn out beautiful work – but it’s the end result to your business that really makes you the top at what you do. We are proven at increasing top-of-mind awareness, market share and revenue.Tell us your goals and we’ll work hard to help you realize them.


How Can We Help?

Since 2005, Collins & Company has been selling just one thing…meaning. To us, this is the Holy Grail of all marketing. Because meaning is what makes you and your brand matter.

More than simply getting noticed or cutting through the clutter, meaning is about tapping into hearts and souls. It’s awareness combined with relevance and authenticity. It’s memorable, it resonates and it changes how we think and behave. And while it’s almost impossible to manufacture, this kind of meaning already exists somewhere within your company’s DNA. We can help you reveal it, and turn it into something that’s not just entertaining, but engaging.

We believe that just making ads isn’t enough. We’re here to make a difference.


Tom Collins, President & Creative Director


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  • Our Listening Skills.
  • Our Experience.
  • Our Size.
  • Our Value.
  • Our Relationships.
  • Our Passion.
  • Our Exceptional Service.
  • Our Stratigic Thinking.